Would you like to spend a day just by yourself in the cottage near the ocean where no one knows your name?

a cottage where you can see the mountain from your window and the grassland is your backyard.

I like the idea of having mental picture of healing places that I can visit instantly whenever I want and need. I have some myself and I’m inspired to depict it thorough my painting.

I believe everyone needs to have alone time with themselves in a place that would allowed them to heal and reconnect with their soul.

This painting is the second painting from ‘The healing Places’ series I’m working on. It is for sell on my etsy shop for only €70.

Anyway, How would your healing place look like?



  1. I would want my healing place to look just like your painting. How utterly calming. We all need that sort of place, either to go to in person or in our heads.

  2. Such beautiful paintings and wonderful photos too! Really beautifully healing. Happy PPF from Number 33 😀

  3. thats a beautiful cottage i could imagine just sitting outside watching the sea. My favourite place is just sitting in my conservatory watching the birds and that is why most of my paintings are about birds.

  4. I love your painting…yes, I think I would like to go there. This piece is so soft and pretty.

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