Even before the winter passed, I had have excitement of flower blooming in spring. I love colors and in my opinion, no object do better in representing color than flowers do. I love to see how often they have colors which actualy complement each other. Magnificent! Ma sha Allah.

So this obsession of mine finally had it’s chance to be fruitful. I gave myself permission to just pour it all on the paper instead of overthinking. In this painting, perhaps you can see how free brush strokes that I made. At first I don’t really know where to start. This made me act too carefully, hence it didn’t not bring the mood and feeling I’m up to. Alhamdulillah, that didn’t happen long. One tips I know from the experienced artists is making tonal study of the overall design plan before painting will be very helpful to tackle this challenge. I tried it and I found it works. I also found that I need to exercise my sketching ability alot!

Anyway here is the final painting.

What do you think?

This painting is for sell. Email me if you are interest.



  1. Your meadow looks like early summer here–I can almost smell the aroma of the wildflowers. This is a beautiful watercolor. How talented you are!

  2. Your flowers are so beautiful. I really love the colours and the dreaminess. Happy PPF from Number 36 πŸ˜€

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