This week I painted a practice piece from Geoff Kersey tutorial called ‘Winter in Padley George, Derbyshire’.
It was a kind of a lovely winter scenery that I wished to experience this winter, but unfortunately couldn’t due to lack of snowfall in my city this year. I’m glad that at least I could paint such scenery and enjoy the result after that. Alhamdulillah.





This painting is for sale inΒ my etsy shop for only 70€

Note :

This painting is a practice piece that I made after artist Geoff Kersey. It’s a version of mine and isn’t identical with his. I made decisions of what to follow and what to leave. I’m a self-taught artist and I decided to sell some of my practice pieces in order to keep going on my painting journey.

It’s legal and has been confirmed in Geoff Kersey’s website that students can sell their own practice piece.