February 2018


This week I painted a practice piece from Geoff Kersey tutorial called ‘Winter in Padley George, Derbyshire’.
It was a kind of a lovely winter scenery that I wished to experience this winter, but unfortunately couldn’t due to lack of snowfall in my city this year. I’m glad that at least I could paint such scenery and enjoy the result after that. Alhamdulillah.





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Note :

This painting is a practice piece that I made after artist Geoff Kersey. It’s a version of mine and isn’t identical with his. I made decisions of what to follow and what to leave. I’m a self-taught artist and I decided to sell some of my practice pieces in order to keep going on my painting journey.

It’s legal and has been confirmed in Geoff Kersey’s website that students can sell their own practice piece.

On monday this week I finished my practice painting called Autumn Lane. This piece is from Artist Geoff Kersey’s tutorial from Kersey is one of the landscape watercolor artist that I look up to. His painting is clean, clear without being too realistic and conveys a strong feeling. I also love watching his videos because he gives clear guidance for each steps.

The Autumn Lane is my favorite painting of him in Arttutor. The first time I browsed through his lessons there, I had been amazed of how beautiful the final painting from this class would be if we follow the demo precisely. Of course it’s not that easy, after all, all of his courses are marked as advanced level. That’s my reason for not tying out his course right away the first time I joined Arttutor two months ago.

I think his lesson needs an artist watercolor paper to accommodate the subject matter as well as the technique in order to get a final result closer to his. Thus, instead of ruining my precious paper, I choose to practice more with others interesting classes there utilizing my student grade watercolor paper that I have stock in abundant. Then after some time, I will come back to his course.

Autumn is my favorite season. Its colors are wonderful and the feeling is magical. And I’m glad that I could learn to depict the colors from this Kersey’s painting demo. Even though I don’t have every color he used in it, I’m still able to mix some colors that at least look close to his colors. He mixed all colors he used. It’s interesting how he mixes his green, dark green, brown, orange, pink and grey.

The only thing that I try not to follow is the application of white opaque in the painting since that’s what I prefer. I also prefer to leave my foreground loose and lacking of detail. I’m not sure whether it makes my painting weak or not. I’m just into the loose, free and open feeling right now.

It took me three days to finish this painting. Not only because I have to wait until my baby falls asleep at night, but also fight my tiredness as well as giving natural drying time for the painting in each step. However, I feel happy that I finally could finish it.


The hardest part for me was painting the shadows of the trees. I haven’t figured out how to do it properly yet. I guess I just need to practice it again and again and again on the piece of practice paper until I get the right feeling of it. Having too much fear of ruining my hard work at the final stage is indeed stilling the joy.

I love the overall color of my painting. My favorite part is the purple foliage in the distance as well as the purple shadow on the foreground. What about you?